Patch clamp electrophysiology is to use a glass microelectrode to form a tight seal with cell membrane and is able to detect ions flow across cell membrane. It provides a powerful tool to investigate electrical properties of cells in unprecedented detail. In combination electrophysiology and other tools like molecular biology and pharmacology further provides great insight into mechanisms of biological processes.

Intracellular calcium plays important role in many different physiological processes such as second messenger pathways, muscle contraction, ion channel gating, cell proliferation, apoptosis etc. Therefore, calcium quantification is performed in a variety of cellular studies to highlight molecular mechanism involved in different process. Calcium imaging with fluorescent indicators has become the most popular method. This method utilizes fluorescent probes that show a spectral response upon binding calcium and enables researchers to investigate changes in intracellular free calcium concentrations

The electrophysiology and calcium imaging core facility provides the neuroscientists and other life science investigators in Academia Sinica with a facility to help generate electrophysiology and calcium ion information in cultured cells.



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