• Cell Sorting
  • Multiple Color Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Troubleshooting
  • Data Management

Maintenance of FACS Machines

  • Daily Instrument Quality Control
  • Laser Alignment

Training Courses for FACS Users

  • Principles of FACS
  • Operation of FACS
  • Data Analysis

FACS Users

Service Items
Cell Sorting 1. Isolation of cell sub-populations
2. Selection of transgene-expressing cells
3. Cloning of hybridomas or cell lines
Cell Analysis 1. Analysis of cell surface markers
2. Analysis of intracellular cytokine production
3. Monitoring of intracellular Ca2+ mobilization
4. Determination of cell death
5. Measurement of cell cycle status


Ya-Min Lin
TEL: 886-2-2789-9180
Mail: mbyamin@ccvax.sinica.edu.tw