Principal Investigators

Dr. Soo-Chen Cheng Dr. Soo-Chen Cheng
Molecular mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing
Lab. 329
Dr. Wen Chang Dr. Wen Chang
Virus Entry and Host Cell Signaling
Lab. 525
Dr. Yu-Chan Chao Dr. Yu-Chan Chao
Transcription and miRNA Regulation for Protein Engineering
Lab. 521
Dr. Jychian Chen Dr. Jychian Chen
Analysis of Carbohydrate Metabolism Mutants of Arabidopsis
Lab. 323
jachen Dr. Jun-An Chen
Interrogating neural development and degeneration by ES cells
Lab. N517
Dr. Liuh-Yow Chen
Telomere Biology and Telomere Diseases
Lab. R421
Dr. Rey-Huei Chen
Chaperone control of the cell cycle
Lab. N410
Dr. Hung-Ta Chen Dr. Hung-Ta Chen
Mechanisms of Eukaryotic Transcription
Lab. N311
plcheng Dr. Pei-Lin Cheng
Development and maintenance of Axon/Dendrite identity
Lab. N220
Dr. Cheng-Ting Chien Dr. Cheng-Ting Chien
Drosophila Neural Development and Protein Degradation Control
Lab. N414
Dr. Huai-hu Chuang Dr. Huai-hu Chuang
Receptor and Channel Function
Lab. 117
Dr. Bon-chu Chung Dr. Bon-chu Chung
Function and Regulation of Steroid Hormone Synthesis
Lab. 429
Dr. Chwan-Deng Hsiao Dr. Chwan-Deng (David) Hsiao
Structural and Functional Study of Biological Macromolecules
Lab. N210
Dr. Yi-Ping Hsueh Dr. Yi-Ping Hsueh
Neuronal Morphogenesis and Regulation of Nuclear Responses in Mammalian Neurons
Lab. N513
Dr. Der-Hwa Huang Dr. Der-Hwa Huang
Regulation of Homeotic Genes in Drosophila
Lab. N420
Dr. Chih-Yen King Dr. Chih-Yen King
Biology of Prions and Amyloids
Lab. N211
Dr. John Kung Dr. John Kung
T Lymphocyte Development, Activation, and Function
Lab. N609
Dr. Ming-Zong Lai Dr. Ming-Zong Lai
T Lymphocyte Activation and its Cross-Coupling with Apoptotic Pathway
Lab. 503
Dr. Ying-Hue Lee Dr. Ying-Hue Lee
Stress and Energy Metabolism Research
Lab. N217
Dr. Jun-Yi Leu Dr. Jun-Yi Leu
Mechanisms of Speciation and Genetic Buffering
Lab. N411
Dr. Hsou-Min Li Dr. Hsou-min Li
Mechanisms of Protein Import into Chloroplasts
Lab. N315
Dr. Nan-Shih Liao Dr. Nan-Shih Liao
Interleukin 15 and T Cell Biology
Lab. N509
Dr. Yen-Chywan Liaw Dr. Yen-Chywan Liaw
Crystallographic and Cryo-EM Studies of CHL1, SMN and Thioesterase I
Lab. N221
Dr. Sue Lin-Chao Dr. Sue Lin-Chao
Cell Growth Control: I. RNA decay and bacterial cell growth. II. Mammalian growth arrest genes
Lab. 419
Dr. C.-K. J. Shen Dr. C.-K. J. Shen
Eukaryotic Gene Regulation and Development
Lab. N523
Dr. Y. Henry Sun Dr. Y. Henry Sun
Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Drosophila Visual System Development
Lab. N417
Chin-Yin Tai Dr. Chin-Yin Tai
Cellular mechanisms of morphological and synaptic plasticity in neurons
Lab. N312
Dr. Yi-Fang Tsay Dr. Yi-Fang Tsay
Nitrate Transport and Sensing in Higher Plants
Lab. N317
Dr. Ting-Fang Wang Dr. Ting-Fang Wang
Chromosome Organization and DNA Recombination in Meiosis
Lab. 229
Dr. Huey-Nan Wu Dr. Huey-Nan Wu
RNA Protein Interactions in RNA Viruses
Lab. 3517
Dr. Meng-Chao Yao Dr. Meng-Chao Yao
Gene Amplification, DNA Rearrangements and Chromosome Instability in Eukaryotes
Lab. 223
Dr. Hsin-Fang Yang-Yen Dr. Hsin-Fang Yang-Yen
Functional network of mammalian cell growth and death controls
Lab. 534
Dr. Hsueh-Chi Sherry Yen Dr. Hsueh-Chi Sherry Yen
Protein Turnover Regulation and Systems Biology
Lab. 313
Dr. Su-May Yu Dr. Su-May Yu
Sugar Signaling and Regulation in Plants
Lab. N321
Dr. Hana Yuan Dr. Hanna Yuan
Non-specific Nucleases in Cell Defense
Lab. 205

Retired Research Fellow

Dr. Jaulang Hwang Dr. Jaulang Hwang
Development of Therapeutic Vaccines and Studies of Human DNA Topoisomerase I

Dr. Ming F. Tam
Cellular Responses to Protein Arginine Methylation
Dr. Chung Wang
Interaction of Hsp70 chaperone and its co-chaperones in S. cerevisiae
Dr. Hung Li Dr. Hung Li (Deceased)
Human Disease Models and Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke

Distinguished Visiting Scholar

Dr. Michael M. C. Lai Dr. Michael M. C. Lai
Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of RNA Viruses
Lab. N214
Dr. Li-Huei Tsai

Adjunct Faculty

H. J. Wang Dr. H. J. Wang

Part-time Faculty

Bi-Cheng Wang Dr. Bi-Cheng Wang

Correspondence Research Fellow

Chieh Ho Dr. Chien Ho
Tsong-The Kuo Dr. Tsong-The Kuo
Ru-Chih Chow Huang Dr. Ru-Chih Chow Huang Pien-Chien Huang Dr. Pien-Chien Huang