Administration Faculty-Coordinator

Dr. Yi-Hsin Chan
Program Coordinator(NDMC)
Dr. Wen Chang
Program Coordinator(IMB)


Administration Faculty-Committee

Admission & Promotion Committee
Dr. Yi-Fang Tsay
  • To recruit high-quality students with research potential
  • To broaden the international students pool
Dr. Yu-Chan Chao Dr. Hung-Ta Chen Dr. Bon-chu Chung
Dr. Kuo-Chiang Hsia
Dr. Po-Shiuan Hsieh
Dr. Nan-Shih Liao
Dr. Sue Lin-Chao
Dr. Chen, Chien-Fu F.


Curriculum & Degree Committee
Dr. Hsou-min Li
  • To monitor the quality of training
  • To ensure the quality of degree-earned and students achievement
Dr. Tien-Hsien Chang
Dr. Jun-An Chen
Dr. Liuh-yow Chen
Dr. Yen-Ping Hsueh
Dr. Chin-Chen Wu
Dr. Huey-Nan Wu


Student Affairs Committee
Dr. Jun-Yi Leu
  • To help 1st year students settle down the environment ASAP
  • To bridge the communication among faculty and students
Dr. Sheng-hong Chen
Dr. Chia-Yang Shiau
Dr. Hanna Yuan


Administration Staff

Ms. Jessica Shih

Ms. Linda Chen

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