In our program, student learning takes place in research environment in which students benefit from interaction with researchers who are working at the frontiers of knowledge in their disciplines. Research is vigorous and pioneering and this creates a stimulating environment for study. Our staff are enthusiastic and committed to their subject. The enthusiasm and commitment generates an exciting and vibrant learning community.

Principal Investigators (IMB, Academia Sinica)


Chang, Wen
Virus Entry and Host Cell Signaling

Chao, Yu-Chan
Protein Engineering and Molecular Manipulation of Baculovirus

Chen, Hung-Ta
Mechanisms of Eukaryotic Transcription

Chen, Jun-An
Interrogating neural development and degeneration by ES cells

Chen, Liuh-Yow
Telomere Biology and Telomere Diseases

Chen, Sheng-hong
Lab for Cell Dynamics aims to quantify and model dynamics of signaling networks in single cells as the basis to control cellular behavior for therapeutic purposes

Cheng, Pei-Lin
Development and maintenance of Axon/Dendrite identity

Cheng, Soo-Chen
Molecular Mechanism of pre-mRNA Splicing

Chien, Cheng-Ting
Drosophila Neural Development and Protein Degradation Control

Chung, Bon-chu
Function and Regulation of Steroid Hormone Synthesis

Chuang, Huai-hu
Receptor and Channel Function

Hsia, Kuo-Chiang
Molecular and structural basis of cell division

Hsiao, Chwan-Deng (David)
Structural and Functional Study of Biological Macromolecules

Hsueh, Yen-Ping
Interactions between Nematodes and Nematode-trapping Fungi

Hsueh, Yi-Ping
Neuronal Morphogenesis and Regulation of Nuclear Responses in Mammalian Neurons

King, Chih-Yen
Biology of Prions and Amyloids

Leu, Jun-Yi
Experimental Evolution and Genomic Analysis of Yeast Mating Preference and Genetic Buffering

Li, Hsou-min
Mechanisms of Protein Import into Chloroplasts

Liao, Nan-Shih
Interleukin 15 and T Cell Biology

Lin-Chao, Sue
Cell Growth Control

Lin, Chien-Ling
Genome-Wide Analysis of the mRNA Splicing and Translation

Lin, Suewei
Molecular and neural mechanisms of motivation and memory

Tsay, Yi-Fang
Nitrate Transport and Sensing in Higher Plants

Wang, Ting-Fang
Chromosome Organization and DNA Recombination in Meiosis

Wu, Huey-Nan
RNA Protein Interactions in RNA Viruses

Yao, Meng-Chao
Gene Amplification, DNA Rearrangements and Chromosome Instability in Eukaryotes

Yu, Su-May
Sugar Signaling and Regulation in Plants

Yuan, Hanna
Non-specific Nucleases in Cell Defense


Principal Investigators (IBC, Academia Sinica)


Shih, Yu-Ling
Metabolic regulation of cell growth and division in E.coli
Mechanism of bacterial cell wall synthesis


Principal Investigators (ICOB, Academia Sinica)


Chou, Shen-Ju
Neural development, Developmental biology

Chou, Ya-Hui
Developmental Neurobiology, Neuronal circuitry, Insect Behavior

Hsu, Hwei-Jan
Developmental Biology, Stem cell Biology


Principal Investigators (IPMB, Academia Sinica)


Kuo, Chih-Horng
Utilize genomic, metagenomics, and bioinformatics tools to investigate microbial genome evolution and the diversity


Principal Investigators (GRC, Academia Sinica)


Chang, Tien-Hsien
mRNA metabolism


Professors (NDMC)


Chang, Tsu-Chung
Regulation of gene expression and molecular action of steroid hormones

Chen, Chien-Fu F.
Neurobiology of mammalian olfactory system

Hsieh, Po-Shiuan
The casual relationship between inflammation and obesity-associated metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus ; The therapeutic approach to prevent and treat metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes

Huang, Shih-Ming
Nuclear receptor coactivator functions

Lin, Tzu-Yang
Drosophila neuronal connectivity and disease models

Shiau, Chia-Yang
Hypoxia mimetic Effect against assault of ROS incurred by drug and disease pathology

Sytwu, Huey-Kang
Immunopathogenesis of autoimmune diseases

Wang, Lan-Hsin
Gene regulation, developmental and molecular biology, genetics

Wu, Chin-Chen
Mechanisms and possible therapies of sepsis associated with septic shock, disseminated intravascular coagulation, or multiple organ failure

Wu, Gwo-Jang
Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Fertilization ; Gametogenesis and Embryo Implantation in Mammals

Yang, Sung-Sen
Human inherited channelopathy and blood pressure regulation