Student Resources



  • Guidelines for good practice in graduate education
  • Qualify Exam
  • Degree Requirements
  • Forms
    The name of the Form
    MCB_Lab Rotation Evaluation Form (201) MCB_Lab Rotation Form (202)
    MCB_Thesis Advisor Agreement (301) MCB_Progress Report Cover (302)
    MCB_Thesis Advisor Change Form (304) TIGP_Student Separation Form (305)
    MCB_Suspension of schooling(306) MCB_Qualifying Exam Application (401)
    MCB_Student Appform leave (604) (Note: read SOP first before download the form)
    MCB_Student Normal leave (605) (Note: read SOP first before download the form)
    NDMC_All certificates application form (606)


  • Fellowships
    Once admitted, each TIGP student will receive a monthly stipend of NT$34,000 (around USD$1,133) for the first year. After the 1st year, all MCB students will be evaluated for the fellowship level received according to the requirements below.

      Criteria Outcome
    In the second
    academic year
    1. Fail to pass two of the three required course (MCB and two seminars) in the first year.
    2.Fail to have a thesis advisor by August 31st. (If the student has rotated through 3 labs and can’t find a lab, the student is exempted.)
    Students who fails to meet either one of the requirements, the committee shall reduce the student’s fellowship level to NT$31, 000 for 6 months from September to February.
    From the second year and thereafter Fail to finish the annual progress report before the end of each Fall semester. The curriculum committee shall implement a cumulative 10% monthly deduction (i.e. 20% for 2 months…etc.) in fellowship until the report is done.
    In the third year Fail to pass the qualifying examination at the end of 2nd year. The thesis advisor has the right to reduce the student’s fellowship to NT$31, 000 until the students pass the qualifying exam.
    From the third year and thereafter After each progress report, the thesis committee concludes that the student has not made reasonable progress in the past year. The thesis committee can recommend a reduction in the student’s fellowship level.
    Starting from
    the fourth
    academic year
    to graduation
    The thesis advisor is responsible for the MCB student fellowship and the amount of money received may vary depending on the advisor’s source of funding and academic performance.
  • Tuition Information
    • Tuition and Schooling NTD $12,078
    • Credit Fee NTD $1,342/per
    • Students Group Insurance NTD $799/yr
  • TIGP Student Travel Grant for International Conferrence
    The grant is designated to assist TIGP students traveling abroad to conferences not for attending classes/workshops/summer schools or research purposes. The grant can only be used to reimburse the following expenses: air fare, conference registration fee(s), board and lodging and travel insurance. In general, each student may receive only one grant during the course of his/her study in TIGP. An additional award, however, may be considered if the evaluation result ranks top two among applications in related fields. For more information, please click here.
    The following is the applying time table:
    Application Deadline
    Month of Conference Commencing
    Notification Date
    March 15
    May - August
    1st week of April
    June 15
    September - December
    2nd week of June
    December 1
    January - April
    2nd week of December
  • IMB Student, Technician and Postdoc Traveling Fellowship
    To encourage students, technicians and postdocs at IMB to attend professionally relevant international meetings. For more information, please click here.


Student Associations

    The TIGP Graduate Student Association (TIGP-GSA) is the official student body of the graduate students of Academia Sinica's Taiwan International Graduate Program.  GSA serves to promote and advocate communication between graduate students and the TIGP academic board members or program committee members regarding academic issues. In addition, GSA serves to be a supportive community for everyone in the TIGP.
  • ASICC The Academia Sinica International Community Club is opened on January 22, 2010.


  • AS Medical Service
    Before having NHI, students can go to see the doctor in Academia sinica. An infirmary (as mentioned in "Medical Cares") is located on the 1st floor of the gymnasium building to provide basic medical consultancy and minor ailment treatment. On call doctors are volunteers from prestigious teaching hospitals. A part time pharmacist and full time nurse for medicine dispose. The service hours are Monday to Friday from 14:00 to 16:00. For more
    information and appointment reservation, please call 2789-9437.
  • National Health Insurance
    The National Health Insurance Act stipulates that international students can apply to enroll in the program through the partner school after a continuous residence within Taiwan for six months.
    • Fee NTD $749 /per month
    • Payment is calculated separately from the tuition fee.
    • 2nd Generation of NHI
      The students not taking TIGP fellowship have to pay supplementary fee to the government. more information
  • Hospital Information


Government Regulations

  • Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)
    Every international student from TIGP is required to apply for ARC. Foreigners holding resident visas and intending to live (for more than 180 days) in Taiwan can get the ARC.

    • When to apply
      You should apply for an ARC within 15 days after entering the nation or switching status to resident visa.
    • Where to apply
      Please go to National Immigration Agency County
      - Taipei City Service Center (No.15, Guangjhou St., Jhongjheng District, Taipei City)
      - New Taipei City Service Center (1F., No.135, Min’an St., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City 235, Taiwan (R.O.C.))
    • Required document
      Two Copies Completed Application Form
      Passport, Resident-visa or Certificate of Re-entry
      Recent One-inch photo (2 for first application, 1 for renew application or lost card)
      Application Fee: NTD $1,000
    • Report to National Immigration Agency County where you live within 15 days you move.
    • Extent the ARC one month before the expired date. more information
  • Resident Visas for Foreign Students
  • Income Tax.
    First 3 year is tax free. Foreigners who work legally in Taiwan are required to file an income tax return in May each year. The deadline is May 31. For guidelines on how to file taxes as a foreigner, please go to the 

    Taxation Agency, Ministry of Finance :
    Taipei National Tax Administration :