Thesis Research


A minimum of two-year thesis research is required. Twelve credits will be granted to the student upon completion of the thesis defense.

Lab Rotation (see Guidelines for Lab Rotation for details)

Students may rotate through several labs with the goal of finding a lab to conduct thesis research. The length of each lab rotation is upon mutual agreement between the student and the advisor, but shall not exceed four months. A maximum of 2 credits will be granted; even if students take more than two lab rotations. Students are highly encouraged to decide on the thesis research lab by the end of the first summer. Studentship will be terminated if a student cannot find a thesis research lab by the time of applying for qualifying exam.

Thesis Committee

The advisor will organize the thesis committee within one month after the student chooses their lab. Each committee shall consist of at least three members, including the advisor. The thesis committee shall meet at least once a year for the progress report from the student. The committee evaluates the progress and advises on current research problems and the future direction of the project.

Progress Report

Students must give an annual progress report to the thesis committee. The first report is a thesis proposal and should be given by the end of the third semester. Thereafter, the progress report should be given once a year by the end of each Fall semester. Students should prepare a written proposal or progress report according to the format given by the MCB office, and submit it to the thesis committee and MCB office one week before the committee meeting.

Annual Progress Report

Progress report consists of two parts:

  • The 2nd year students should coordinate the schedule for progress report and notify the thesis committee members to attend his/her progress report.
    • Progress Report Process
      1. Presentation in public
      2. Question and discussion
      3. Thesis committee session only
    • Written proposal
      format: total page do not exceed 15 pages (single space)
      1. title page
      2. introduction
      3. results and discussion
      4. future work
      5. reference
      Hand in the proposal to thesis committee and MCB Office before 1 week.
  • The following annual progress reports
    • Progress Report should be given by the end of each Fall semester.
    • A written progress report of the same format as proposal is required, and should be submitted to the thesis committee and MCB Office one week before presentation.

    Requirement for completion of thesis research

    1. Publication: The student should publish, or have the manuscript accepted, at least one first-author paper on the thesis research. The affiliation of TIGP students in their published work should be listed as "Taiwan International Graduate Program, Graduate Institute of Life Science, National Defense Medical Center and Academia Sinica", followed by the primary affiliation of the advisor. In principle, the thesis advisor should be the only corresponding author of the publication for graduation. If more than one corresponding authors in publication, student and advisor MUST submit a written statement to specify the reason to Curriculum and Degree Committee before the beginning of the semester toward graduation for approval.
    2. Written thesis in English
    3. Completion of credit requirement
    4. Records of annual progress reports
    5. Consent of the thesis committee to proceed with the thesis defense
    6. Thesis Defense

    Upon the consent of the thesis committee on the completion of thesis research, a committee of thesis defense shall be formed. The thesis defense committee consists of 5-7 members. Students shall present the thesis work in an open seminar followed by a defense of the thesis in front of the thesis defense committee.

    Termination of Studentship

    Studentship will be terminated under any of the following conditions:
    1. Student who does not pass the course” Molecular and Cell Biology” the second time.
    2. Student who fails to find a thesis research lab before applying for Qualifying Exam.
    3. Student who does not meet the criteria to apply for Qualifying Exam in time.
    4. Student who fails the Qualifying Exam the second time.
    5. Student who does not fulfill the requirements for Ph.D. degree after seven school years.