Virus and Cell Interactions

Virus and Cell Interactions for Fall 2016
Course code 3024141
Credits two ( lectures: 2 hr per week)
Organizer Dr. Wen Chang
Time Saturday 10:00-11:50 am
Place R123, Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica
Evaluation Homework/exam by the instructors and paper discussion
Purpose The course opens to all students who are interested in viruses although the content may be more appropriate for students at M.Sc. and Ph.D. level.
We anticipate the course to serve two purposes. The first purpose is to provide general background and current knowledge in virus-related fields to students who may find virus biology interesting. The second purpose is to educate students’ ability to read, present and discuss new important findings in virus and cell interactions, including viral pathogenesis, immune responses against virus infections, viral vector applications and disease biology. 
Note All lectures will be presented in English whereas the student presentation could be conducted in Chinese, if necessary.


  Date Topic Lecturer
1. 09/03 Introduction Wen Chang 張雯
2. 09/10 Virus entry Wen Chang 張雯
3. 09/24 Structures regulating viral replication/transcription [Handout] Huey-Nan Wu 吳惠南
4. 10/01 Factors in viral replication transcription Michael Lai 賴明詔
5. 10/15 Paper Discussion
Presenter: Group B (CC Wu, CL Ho, CH Tsao & Sandra)
Paper (1) (2) (3) Suggested Reading (1)
Wen Chang 張雯
Huey-Nan Wu 吳惠南
6. 10/22 Patterns of Viral Infection Yi-Ling Lin 林宜玲
7. 10/29 Plant virology Na-Sheng Lin 林納生
8. 11/05 Taiwan Virology Symposium:
-virus and cells, virus related diseases, antiviral strategies and others
1Fl Hall, Medical School of National Taiwan University
Online registration:
9. 11/19 Paper Discussion
Paper (1) (2) Suggested Reading (1)
Wen Chang 張雯
Huey-Nan Wu 吳惠南
10. 11/26 Viral vectors and their applications Song-Kun Shyue徐松錕
11. 12/03 Viral Immunity Betty A. Wu-Hsieh伍安怡
12. 12/10 Viral Epidemiology in infectious diseases Min-Shi Lee 李敏西
13. 12/17 Paper Discussion
Paper (1) (2) Suggested Reading (1)
Wen Chang 張雯
Huey-Nan Wu 吳惠南
14. 12/24 Prions Chih-Yen King 金之彥
15. 12/31 Paper Discussion
Paper (1) (2) (3)
Wen Chang 張雯
Huey-Nan Wu 吳惠南