Electron Microscopy

Tecnai G2 Spirit TWIN (Thermo)

  • 120KV
  • GATAN CCD SC1000 (4008 X 2672 active pixels)
  • Single tilt holder
  • Compustage Rotation holder
  • Gatan 626 cryo specimen holder

Talos 120 C (Thermo)

  • 120KV
  • Single tilt holder
  • High tilt holder
  • Tomography module
  • Thermo Ceta 16M camera

Leica EM HPM 100 High Pressure Freezer

Rapid cryoimmobilization of biological specimen has many advantages over traditional processing methods.

Leica EM Automated Freeze Substitution Device

performs freeze substitution and allows low temperature embedding and polymerization of resin.

JOEL JEE-420T Vacuum Evaporator

It is particularly useful in the rapid preparation of fine-grain TEM specimen support films by carbon evaporation, or the evaporation of a variety of metals in the preparation of shadow-cast specimens.

EMS 100 Glow Discharge Unit

Imake a carbon film surface negatively charged (hydrophilic) which allows aqueous solutions to spread easily.

PWLCO BioWave Pro

Microwaves have been employed to facilitate faster solution exchange for TEM biological sample preparation.

Leica EM UC6/UC7 Ultramicrotome

provides easy preparation of semi and ultra thin sections of biological samples for TEM and LM examination.

Leica EM KMR3 Knifemaker

prepare glass knives for ultramicrotomy