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  1. FR-E+ SuperBright X-ray generator
  2. Saturn 944+CCD detector + AFC11 4-axis goniostat
  3. R-AXIS IV++ imaging plate area detector
  4. VariMax-HF confocal optical system
  5. VariMax-HR confocal optical system
  6. X-stream cryo system


FR-E+ SuperBright™
Rigaku FR-E+是大分子結晶學目前在實驗室中X-射線強度最強的來源,提供超出一些第二代彎曲的磁鐵同步加速器beam lines的強度。它的特色如下:
  • Work on small and poor quality crystals at home
  • Minimize travel to the synchrotron
  • Improve your workflow by removing the bottleneck of remote data collection
  • Improved filament life increases your productivity
  • Phase at home—optional dual wavelength anode increases your experimental flexibility
  • Proven productivity of Rigaku X-ray sources—88% of the Home Lab structures deposited in the PDB in 2006 were collected on a Rigaku X-ray source



Saturn 944+ CCD detector
新的Saturn944 + 是Rigaku設計和製造的第3代的x射線繞射偵測儀,在讀出速度方面提升了近4倍的讀出速度。卓越的動態範圍和高靈敏度是使用柯達的indium-tin-oxide(ITO)CCD感應器技術,結合大格式CCD一個最佳的光纖demagnification比例,因此saturn944 +CCD是需高效能和高空間分辨率的蛋白質和大分子晶體的最佳選擇。Saturn944 + X射線繞射偵測儀是一個完美的工具,高讀出速度為8兆赫提供在最短的時間收集最大程度的數據,可在最短的時間大量篩選蛋白質晶體。 Saturn 944+的高敏感性,對微弱的繞射點的彙集是特别強有力的,從而達到高數據集完整性。使用AFC11或AFC Kappa goniometers靈活的數據收集提高覆蓋面。
Saturn 944+規格如下:
  • Advanced Kodak KAF-4320E CCD sensor
  • Superior front-illuminated ITO technology
  • Large 94 mm x 94 mm image area 2084 x 2084 pixel array with 4-port readout
  • Approximately 15100:1 dynamic range
  • 18-bit analog-to-digital converter
  • Fast 2 MHz per port readout speed
  • Demagnification ratio of 1.88:1

R-AXIS IV++ Imaging Plate Area Detector
The R-AXIS IV++ 是用於大分子結晶最普遍的X射線繞射影像板偵測儀。它結合了兩個大的活動IP,有快速成像的影像板可讀出其繞射強度和繞射位置,使其成為在實驗室內最廣泛且理想的繞射數據收集器。
  • Two large active area (300 mm x 300 mm) imaging plates provide simultaneous expose and read operations
  • Widest dynamic range with dual photomultiplier design
  • Highest sensitivity, using eight-fold pixel sampling
  • Lowest noise, less than 0.5 X-ray photon
  • Helical scan providing accurate data readout with no conversions
  • No detector calibration required
  • Low maintenance—all components can be serviced on-site
  • Excellent detector for any of the protein HomeLab™ systems
  • Supported by CrystalClear™ 數據收集軟體 及 d*TREK® and HKL-2000® 數據處理軟體

X-stream Cryo System
The first X-ray diffraction cryogenic system to operate on compressed air.
  • Design includes cryogenic compressed module, temperature controller with temperature readout, helium expansion unit and stainless steel delivery hose and nozzle
  • Flexible nozzle for positioning in nearly any orientation (vertical to horizontal)
  • Temperatures to -180°C

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