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figure[ Dr. Yu-Chan Chao ] - November, 2014
Identification of a high efficiency baculovirus DNA replication origin that functions in insect and mammalian cells
Journal of Virology, 88:13073-85. (Selected as a Spotlight paper)
figure[ Dr. Yi-Ping Hsueh ] - August, 2014
Cortactin binding protein 2 increases microtubule stability and regulates dendritic arborization
J Cell Sci. 2014 Aug 15;127:3521-34.
figure[ Dr. Nan-Shih Liao ] - August, 2014
Adipocyte IL-15 Regulates Local and Systemic NK Cell Development
The Journal of Immunology. vol. 193 no.4 1747-1758.
figure[ Dr. Ming-Zong Lai ] - August, 2014
Deltex1 promotes PKCc degradation and sustains Cbl-b expression
J Immunol 193(4): 1672-1680, (2014)
figure[ Dr. Su-May Yu ] - April, 2014
SnRK1A-Interacting Negative Regulators Modulate the Nutrient Starvation Signaling Sensor SnRK1 in Source-Sink Communication in Cereal Seedlings under Abiotic Stress
Plant Cell, Vol. 26: 808V827


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