Education Programs in IMB

One of the missions for IMB has been the ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IN SCIENCE EDUCATION TO cultivate outstanding scientific talents for the next generation. A graduate training program has been officially established in collaboration with National Defense Medical Center, National Central University, National Taiwan University, National Yang-Ming Chiao-Tung University, IMB has also sponsored a Taiwan International Graduate Program in "Molecular and Cell Biology (TIGP-MCB Program)", in cooperation with the Institute of Life Sciences, National Defense University.

There are also programs for summer students and gifted high school students funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology.


Taiwan International Graduate Program in "Molecular and Cell Biology" (TIGP-MCB Program)

Academia Sinica provides an international environment, which is culturally rich and intellectually stimulating. TIGP-MCB program aims to provide solid training to Ph.D. students for a future career in basic and applied research in modern biology. The training that is both comprehensive and integrative. Students in TIGP-MCB program receive a solid foundation in every aspect of molecular biology and are given opportunities to apply their knowledge to a diverse array of research fields.


PhD Program, Graduate Institute of Life Sciences of National Defense Medical Center

The program is flexible and individualized according to each student’s particular needs and academic interests, offering rigorous training and close mentoring by faculty. The program provides the opportunities for local students pursuing their advance study in life sciences. It is co-sponsored by National Defense Medical Center, Academia Sinica and National Health Research Institute since 1992.


IMB Master Joint Program

IMB is in cooperation with the prestigious universities to cultivate the master students. The students who have motivations to do the research in IMB can apply for the affiliated master programs. The 2-year master program provides the solid hands-on experimental training and interdisciplinary knowledge by IMB. The students with potential and interest can continue to study in the PhD program on the basis of academic accumulation.

Master Joint Program with IMB:


Office of Program

1st Floor, R117, IMB

Contact person:

  • Jessica, 886-2-2789-9972
  • Linda, 886-2-2789-9980