In our program, student learning takes place in research environment in which students benefit from interaction with researchers who are working at the frontiers of knowledge in their disciplines. Research is vigorous and pioneering and this creates a stimulating environment for study. Our staff are enthusiastic and committed to their subject. The enthusiasm and commitment generates an exciting and vibrant learning community.


Chromosome Biology

The research in the Chromosome Biology focuses on the maintenance of chromosomes in cell division and the control of gene expression.


Infection and Immunobiology

Projects cover virus entry and host cell signaling, virus replication and transcriptional control, protein engineering, T lymphocyte biology, and interleukin 15 activity, and bacterial physiology involving antibiotic target and resistance.



Projects cover interrogating neural development and degeneration by ES cells, neurodevelopmental disorders, Drosophila neural development and protein degradation control, mechanisms of motivation and memory, development of visual system, and prion biology.


Plant Biology

Arabidopsis and rice are used as model systems to study plant physiology, plant gene regulation and its agricultural applications.


RNA Biology

Focuses include mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing, RNA decay, regulation by noncoding RNA and RNA-associated diseases.


Structural Biology

Macromolecular characteristics are being analyzed to unravel their structural-functional relationships by X-ray crystallographic, biophysical and biochemical approaches.


Systems Biology

Research includes mechanisms of speciation and genetic buffering, interactions between nematodes and nematode-trapping fungi, cell growth and metabolic controls in the mammalian system, prokaryotes, protein turnover regulation and systems biology.


Biomedical Science

Biomedical sciences are a set of sciences applying portions of natural science or formal science, or both, to knowledge, interventions, or technology that are of use in healthcare or public health.


Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Academia Sinica

Chang, Wen
Molecular mechanism of vaccinia virus entry into mammalian hosts Cellular defense mechanisms and viral host range genes antagonizing host restriction

Chen, Hung-Ta 
Mechanisms of Eukaryotic Transcription

Chen, Jun-An
Non-coding RNA Function during Motor Neuron Development, Degeneration, and Regeneration

Chen, Liuh-yow 
Telomere Biology and Telomere Diseases

Chen, Sheng-hong
Lab for Cell Dynamics aims to quantify and model dynamics of signaling networks in single cells as the basis to control cellular behavior for therapeutic purposes

Cheng, Hwai-Jong
Axonal Connection, Hippocampus, and Aging

Cheng, Pei-Lin
Mechanisms of neuronal polarization and regeneration

Chien, Cheng-Ting
Dendrite arborization in development and diseases 
Synapse formation and plasticity

Hsia, Kuo-Chiang
Molecular and structural basis of cell division

Hsiao, Chwan-Deng (David)
Structural and functional study of protein-DNA and protein-protein interaction by X-ray crystallography

Hsueh, Yen-Ping
Interactions between Nematodes and Nematode-trapping Fungi

Hsueh, Yi-Ping
Neuronal Morphogenesis 
Neurodevelopmental disorders 

Huang, Kuo Hua
Neural processing of social information in virtual reality 

King, Chih-Yen
Molecular biology of amyloid and prions 
Structural principle of amyloids

Leu, Jun-Yi 
Yeast genomics and experimental evolution 
Cell-cell communication and gene network regulation 
Genetic and noise buffering

Li, Hsou-min
Protein sorting within cells 
Developmental regulation of protein trafficking

Liao, Nan-Shih
Intestine mucosal immunity 
Anti-cancer immunity and immunotherapy

Lin-Chao, Sue
Signal pathways govern the control of bacterial RNA degradation; 
Function of RNA degradosome components 
Function of growth-arrest genes during mouse brain development 
RNA biology

Lin, Chien-Ling
Genome-Wide Analysis of the mRNA Splicing and Translation

Lin, Suewei
Molecular and neural mechanisms of motivation and memory

Ting, See-Yeun
Interbacterial interaction within microbial communities

Tsay, Yi-Fang
Molecular mechanism of Nitrate signaling and transport

Wang, Ting-Fang
Chromosome biology and fungal sexual development

Wei, Jen-Hsuan
Cytoskeleton and Organelle Biology 
Mechanism of microtubule nucleation: r-TuRC assembly, targeting, and function in neuronal development

Wu, Huey-Nan
The molecular mechanism of flavivirus RNA replication: the role of viral RNA elements and virus nonstructural protein interactions

Wu, Yu-Wei
Neural circuit and glial network mechanisms underlying motor learning

Yu, Su-May
Mechanisms of nutrient and O2 deficiency signaling in rice 
Mechanisms of stress regulation of root development in rice

Yuan, Hanna
Structural and functional studies of DNA and RNA metabolism


Institute of Biological Chemistry (IBC), Academia Sinica

Shih, Yu-Ling
Metabolic regulation of cell growth and division in E.coli
Mechanism of bacterial cell wall synthesis

Weng, Jui-Hsia

Yao, Chi-Kuang
Neuronal communication and neurodegenerative diseases


Institute of Biomedical Sciences (IBMS), Academia Sinica

Wang, Shu-Ping
Molecular oncology, Cancer epigenetics
Biochemically defined cell free system
CRISPR-based genetic/epigenetic editing


Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology (ICOB), Academia Sinica

Chiu, Shu-Ling
Synaptic Plasticity, Neural Development, Learning and Memory

Chou, Shen-Ju
Neural development, Developmental biology

Chou, Ya-Hui
Developmental Neurobiology, Neuronal circuitry, Insect Behavior

Hsu, Hwei-Jan
Developmental Biology, Stem cell Biology

Kuo, Hung-Chih
Stem Cell Biology
Molecular Embryology


Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology (IPMB), Academia Sinica

Kuo, Chih-Horng
Utilize genomic, metagenomics, and bioinformatics tools to investigate microbial genome evolution and the diversity

Verslues, Paul E.
Drought related signaling and metabolism


Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica

Lin, Keng-hui


Genomics Research Center (GRC), Academia Sinica

Chang, Tien-Hsien
Genome-wide bypass of essential genes
Genome architecture
Molecular mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing, mRNA export, and translation
In vivo roles of DExD/H-box proteins in RNA metabolism

Chen, Yun-Ru
Protein misfolding and neurodegenerative diseases

Hwang-Verslues, Wendy W. 
Long term goals of the Hwang-Verslues laboratory are to decipher the links among circadian rhythm, core clock gene functions and stem cell (SC) fate/characteristics in tissue development and disease progression

Juan, Li-Jung
Epigenetic Regulation in Development and Disease

Lin, Kuo-I
The regulatory mechanisms in immune cell development and function

Lu, Joyce Jean
Efficiently reprogram somatic cell /stem cell fate by high throughput functional screens


National Defense Medical Center

Chang, Tsung Hsien
Virology , Molecular Virology, Innate immunity
Mechanism of emerging viral infection induced host responses

Chen, Chien-Fu F.
Neurobiology of mammalian olfactory system

Hsieh, Po-Shiuan
The casual relationship between inflammation and obesity-associated metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus ; The therapeutic approach to prevent and treat metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes

Huang, Shih-Ming
Nuclear receptor coactivator functions

Huang, Eagle Yi-Kung
Oxytocin and related compounds in pain management
Modulation of LVV-hemorphins and angiotensin IV in the central nervous system
Development of new drugs for anesthesia and analgesia

Shieh, Yi-Shing
Cancer biology and tumor microenvironment 
Signal transduction and epigeneticregulation 
Molecular pathology 
Head and Neck Oncology

Wang, Lan-Hsin
Molecular and genetic mechanism of the Hippo pathway in development and disease

Wu, Chin-Chen
Mechanisms and possible therapies of sepsis associated with septic shock, disseminated intravascular coagulation, or multiple organ failure

Wu, Gwo-Jang
Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Fertilization ; Gametogenesis and Embryo Implantation in Mammals

Yang, Sung-Sen
Human inherited channelopathy and blood pressure regulation 
Genetic Engineering


Administration Faculty-Coordinator

Dr. Hsou-min Li / Program Coordinator (IMB)


Administration Faculty-Committee

Admission & Promotion Committee
  • Dr. Hung-Ta Chen (Chair)
  • Dr. Chien-Fu F. Chen
  • Dr. Sheng-hong Chen
  • Dr. Kuo-Chiang Hsia
  • Dr. Po-Shiuan Hsieh
  • Dr. Kuo Hua Huang
  • Dr. Nan-Shih Liao
  • Dr. Chien-Ling Lin
  • Dr. See-Yeun Ting
  • Dr. Yi-Fang Tsay
  • Dr. Yu-Wei Wu

Curriculum & Degree Committee
  • Dr. Jun-An Chen (Chair)
  • Dr. Tien-Hsien Chang
  • Dr. Liuh-Yow Chen
  • Dr. Wendy W. Hwang-Verslues
  • Dr. See-Yeun Ting
  • Dr. Jen-Hsuan Wei
  • Dr. Chin-Chen Wu
  • Dr. Huey-Nan Wu

Student Affairs Committee
  • Dr. Hanna Yuan (Chair)
  • Dr. Yen-Ping Hsueh
  • Dr. Jun-Yi Leu
  • Dr. Suewei Lin
  • Dr. Yu-Wei Wu